Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Rocco Rada
163 IPA
Rocco Rada
163 IPA

The focus of my thesis project, 163 IPA, is to demonstrate that beer is not just a beverage for getting drunk, but a way of bringing people together and facilitating a shared social experience. 163 IPA is a concept beer, home-brewed, and inspired by family history. The brand and identity of this beer revolves around the number ‘163,’ which represents the significance beer has on the social quality and relationships of my family and friends, in particular. This number was derived from the Hoboken firefighter badge number of my late grandfather, Rocco Anthony LaGuardia. He taught me that spending time and building traditions with family and friends are the most important things to do as you grow older. Because of this philosophy, he was loved by many throughout his entire life. Through the design of this beer, my goal is for 163 IPA to inspire people to get together with those they love, and to sit back and relish the good times life has to offer. The design process was initiated by archival photo research of my grandfather, and visual logo identity research of current beers. Through found historic photos of my grandfather working, the feel of the project was originated. To practice and help achieve the logo identity for 163 IPA, exploration research of current beer logos was done. One logo each day in the month of January 2013, was redesigned to a more minimal style. The result of the exploration can be seen at www. After the overall logo and photo research, I designed the labels and four pack carrier to exemplify my grandfather’s legacy. 163 IPA will carry my grandfather’s message to many people, for years to come.





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