Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2024


Kelly Walters, Director
Elaine Lopez, Associate Director

The Class of 2024 represents some of the most intellectually curious communication designers joining the profession. From navigating concerns related to generative artificial intelligence, advocating for visibility and representation, developing critiques of social and political issues or the creation of design applications that support health and wellbeing—the breadth and depth of these projects showcase the commitment to seeing how culture is shaped by media and reflexively how media is shaped by culture.

The thesis begins with a question, problem, or dilemma, and responds with design. Over the course of a year, students practice research, ideation, prototyping, iteration and presentation in the service of something that matters to them. The ideas stem from a kernel of inspiration and evolve into outcomes that are unexpected. The design process can be challenging, yet each designer presents an individual perspective that leads them on their own design journey.

The communication of information through zines, books, posters, websites, mobile apps, illustrations, videos or games, are just some of the physical and digital outputs that designers use to make meaning. These innovations are thought-provoking, daring, quiet, bold and unassuming. They also represent a starting point for further development in how to articulate, emphasize or influence design's impact on the world. Understanding how to contextualize design within more expanded historical, cultural, social, and technological frameworks means that designers are not just complacent contributors but active agitators for change.

Thesis Faculty

Luke Bulman

Hsien-Yin Chou
Design Director, M21D Museum of 21st Century Design

Dinah Fried
Partner, Small Stuff

Thomas Griffiths
Owner, Everything Studio

Allen Hori
Principal, Bates Hori

Andrew LeClair
Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Parsons School of Design

Prin Limphongpand
Senior Designer, MoMA

Elaine Lopez
Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Parsons School of Design

Joseph Marianek
Partner, Small Stuff

Lucille Tenazas
Henry Wolf Professor of Communication Design, Parsons School of Design

Kelly Walters
Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Parsons School of Design