Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Morgan Connellee
Morgan Connellee

Tender is a recipe delivery service and podcast. Tender shows use food as a topic of conversation to collect stories from everyday people. Each Tender box corresponds to the episode’s narrative, and includes a recipe publication and ingredients for a meal with the idea that the podcast is to be listened to while the meal is being prepared. Tender is about connecting people through the poetry of food and human experience.

Existing recipe delivery services provide a practical form for sharing recipes that make the experience of cooking less personal. The way recipes are treated feel more like tools which come pre-packaged “tested and approved” which is useful but inhibits a kind of emotional exchange. I was curious to know where these recipes come from. Who wrote them down? What’s their story? The more we remove recipes from the source, the more they 
feel stripped down to meager design.

The word recipe—from the Latin root recipere—implies an exchange between a giver and receiver. A recipe extends beyond process into the realm of dialogue, a moment shared between people. With this in mind, I wanted the design of Tender to tell a story. 
I began with the visual, collecting vintage photographs of families around the dinner table, many of which I used in the final identity of the project. Time also played a role in the design as a way to tie the digital to the physical, using timestamps and quotes from the podcast on the packaging so that the ingredients you cook with, and you as the cook, become a part of the narrative being told.

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