Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Elizabeth Stankus
The Wait campaign
Elizabeth Stankus
The Wait campaign

The Wait campaign captures the feeling of anxiety that results from waiting. The idea was sparked by a non-profit whose mission is to expedite the process of bringing cures to patients who need them most. Currently, it takes up to ten to fifteen years to get the cures from the bench side to the bed side. Personally, I believe that wait period is unacceptable, especially for people without time to wait. Responding to this problem, The Wait Campaign is composed of a series of animations based on the idea of waiting in hopes to make each viewer feel they are waiting and feeling that impatience. Each animation playing at once on tumblr and uploading onto social platforms to interrupt social flows, will add to the anxiety and will trigger a sense of desire to not wait anymore and to do something about it. This aspect of feeling the anxiety and then finding a solution is emphasized by the print advertisements created. They depict typical waiting signs that we see on the computer: loading signals and connecting signals. Having them blown up and seen outside of the computer perhaps triggers the same response one would get when seeing them in their natural state. By feeling anxious and frustrated with waiting, and if people are responding to the work in that sense, then maybe it will change the way they view problems. Hopefully it makes people try new ways to accomplish something, and be more productive as opposed to just waiting and sitting, watching these symbols go by in complete frustration.

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