Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Kristen Erdelyi
Kristen Erdelyi

Informative guidebooks exist for almost every city on Earth, however they are generally alike in form and function and rarely offer a unique perspective. Untravel is an alternative travel guide that enhances the city exploring process in New York. Created to promote immersive experiences within urban environments, It is a transmedia project that explores ways of storytelling through different mediums and is intended to challenge the way weexperience our environments firsthand. The theme of Concealed was chosen as a way to reveal locations in Lower Manhattan with a rich history that aren’t found in guidebooks. A selection of 20 locations were chosen, all of which have been repurposed and have a history behind them that many are not aware of. The content and presentation of information is obscured in a way so that the user does not know where they are going until they’ve arrived. However,clues are provided to stir curiosity. Untravel’s key components are a print publication and a website. The purpose of the print piece is to encourage the user to explore the city around them. The web component is a platform for users to discover the history behind each location and connect with others who took the tour. The website would eventually contain hundreds of locations based on the theme of Concealed within New York.

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