Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017–18

Roderic David
The Black Book

fashion has a bad reputation. It’s seen as frivolous and materialistic. Fashion designers don’t receive the same esteem as other artists, fashion editors are looked upon as Devil Wears Prada types and fashion advertising is blamed for creating harmful stereotypes. Even those who have been able to see fashion upfront still think it’s dumb and stupid. I’ve both studied and worked in fashion and my experience has been the complete opposite. The fashion industry is a complex and exciting business that combines creative elements with intellectual thinking and is always on the pulse of our cultural identity. This is no more typified than in the men and women who make up the world the world fashion. This book includes the stories of eight of those men and women. Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and divided among a wide spectrum of roles in the fashion industry, these eight represent the true story of the fashion world that often goes unseen. I sat down an interviewed each of these amazing figures and observed them in their workplace. Presented are mix of Q-and-A’s, short essays, and first person recollections as told to myself. Fashion is for everyone, and plays a role in everyone’s life. It serves a different purpose for everyone, and ultimately anyone will be able to take something different and useful from the work, and the marvelous stories of the people behind it.






Gabriela d'Amato
Soundwave Preperations
Ambar Del Moral
Beyond Pink
Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2017–18