Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017–18

Stephanie Gonzalez

Sano is a book supplemented with a toolkit promoting spiritual Hispanic practices and home remedies to improve life balance. The book combines the origins and traditions of these practices with a detailed manual of their use and application. To provide the full experience, the toolkit contains the necessary products to experience and test the described rituals. Besides popularizing these practices in Non-Hispanic homes, Sano also strives to promote good health and energy in both the mind and body. Sano is a Spanish term that in its most literal translation means healthy and wholesome. However, it is culturally used as a coddling expression when one is hurt or ill. In general, Hispanic culture has a very spiritually based identity that can be rooted in many forms of religion from Christianity to SanterĂ­a, and throughout history, it has become a cultural blend of many different nationalities. Therefore, the root of these traditions can be traced back to many different sources. However, the practices within the book are ones that I have collected through extensive research into both my family and close friends that have been passed down through generations






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Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2017–18