Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017–18

Shem Rajoon
Bklyn Beast Fundraising campaign

Shem Rajoon and Luciano Acuna Jr. wanted to create a unique facility where they could spread the love of movement in a new, innovative way. This desire led to the development of BKLYN BEAST. BKLYN BEAST is New York City’s first training facility where parkour, capoeira, dance and many other art forms collide, creating an unparalleled experience that inspires, engages and educates through movement and fitness. The gym’s larger goal is to create transformative experiences that empower members to overcome any obstacle, physical or mental. After a very successful year, Rajoon and Acuna Jr. were deeply saddened to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances BEAST was forced to close its doors at their previous location. Now as a thesis project, Rajoon is launching the BRING BEAST BACK fundraising campaign, an aggressive fundraising strategy to reach the goal of $500,000 from both public and private funders. The BBB campaign consists of a professional press kit, a crowdfunding campaign video for public supporters, and a fundraising deck for private investors. Rajoon and Acuna Jr. are pushing the boundaries of urban movement and when they BRING BEAST BACK, they are going to show people how to move society.






Regina Puno
Everyday Pursuits
Fabian Rastorfer
The Wild Wild Pixel
Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2017–18